The Impact of a Balanced Diet and Fitness Training on Mature Women


  • Victoriia Petrovych Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University
  • Iryna Voitovych Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University



health fitness, nutrition, overweight, functional training, motor activity


Topicality. The issue of reduced physical activity and the formation of poor eating habits has become a significant factor in the deterioration of public health, psychological stability and the emergence of overweight. The established views and habits formation on the “right” life and harmonious at old age is completed at the age of 35–40. In addition, this knowledge and skills are passed down to children. Therefore, developing good habits is meaningful for education of a healthy nation. The Purpose of the Research is to determine the impact of the program of step-by-step motor load regulation control in combination with rational nutrition for the mature women. Methods of the Research: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, elaboration of Internet sources, questionnaires, anthropometric method, determination of tolerance to physical activity, pedagogical experiment, method of mathematical statistics. Results of the Research. Currently there are a lot of different ways (diets, sets of exercises, cosmetic procedures) aimed at reducing overweight. However, all this is often used chaotically and the result can be different, even the loss of health. A comprehensive approach including cooperation with a nutritionist and trainer in order to adjust a balanced menu and adequate set of exercises has been proposed. It was offered a training program for women without health problems and specific measures to eliminate inactivity during quarantine restrictions. There are also given guidelines for the improving eating habits. An experiment lasted three months in which the control group (CG) tried to reduce weight only via providing health training, while experimental group (EG) was combining such training with a balanced diet. Conclusions. The developed training program has evaluated effectiveness. It consisted of alternating various exercises and the training load in combination with the correction of eating habits. Statistically significant positive results were observed in the EG at P≤0,01 of body weight and waist circumference, at P≤0,05 of thigh and femur muscle volumes. In the CG, changes of the studied indicators are also positive, although with a slight increase.


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