Sumo in the life of children and youth today

  • Ruslan Bairamov Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture
  • Anastasiia Bondar Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture
Keywords: youth sports school, sumo wrestlers, curriculum, age groups, anthropometric indicators, technical and tactical training


The relevance of the research. The development of youth sports has a special significance, since it solves the important issue of involving children in physical activity, creating the basis for the development of reserve sports and sport of higher achievements. Sumo becomes more and more popular among children and young people. The number of pupils in children's and youth sports schools, who are interested in sumo, increases. Their sports’ achievements increase at international competitions, but currently there is no scientific research on the role and significance of sumo in the life of modern children and young people.  The objective of the research  is to determine the role of sumo in modern children and young people lives. Methods –  analysis of literary sources and documents, surveys (questionnaires), mathematical methods of data processing. Results. The study described the current state of development of sumo in youth sports schools in Kharkiv region, the analysis of the Sumo curriculum for youth sports schools is provided, the sociological study to determine the attitude of sumo wrestlers to the current state and perspectives of sumo development in our country is conducted. It turned out that most athletes consider sumo a spectacular and quite popular sport in our country, however, they are involved in this sport with the help of their friends, parents and coaches. The above-mentioned information points to the fact of low level of marketing activity of sports organizations in sumo and the lack of awareness of the population about this sport in the media. Conclusion. Sumo plays an important role in the life of children and young people, as in the process of training sumo wrestlers develop not only physically, they form a system of moral values, in accordance with the basic sumo principles. According to the majority of the surveyed athletes, it is necessary to improve the material and technical conditions for conducting training sessions on this kind of sport for further development of sumo in Ukraine.  


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