Aims and Scope

The journal «Physical Education, Sport and Health Culture in Modern Society” Health Culture in Modern Society" is an international scientific publication which covers a wide field of research in the field of public sports, physical rehabilitation and high-achievement sports.

The mission of the journal is to facilitate the development of scientific research, the existence of Ukrainian periodicals in the international scientific and informational domain, and the overall development of scientific research interaction. Its goal is to provide assistance in the areas of teaching methods, information, science and practice in the professional activity of researchers. The activities of the editorial board are focussed on promoting contemporary achievements in Ukrainian and international sports science, and disseminating information regarding the scientific research results, international cooperative endeavours, the organization of scientific events, and the presentation of and cooperation between scientific schools.

This magazine facilitates the publication of original, analytical and review articles (no more than one article in the Journal issue number), descriptions of professional experience, comments, reviews, and reports on scientific and practical events. The subject of the publication is the history of physical culture in Ukraine and throughout the world; the philosophical, legal and organizational foundations of physical culture; characteristics of physical education in different population groups; the profession-oriented training of specialists in physical culture and sports; pedagogical technologies for physical exercise training; restoration of employment capacity; physical therapy; the preparation of athletes and the adaptation of the body for physical activity.